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A Joyful Rikudiyah

May 22, 2024

I’m in grade 7 and joined Rikudiyah this year, and it was so much fun!
Student Scene

Pay it Forward Purim 2024

April 15, 2024

This year’s Pay it Forward Purim brought a heartwarming initiative to our school community, despite encountering a small bump in the road. Due to inclement weather,...
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Junior High Ski Trip 2024

February 5, 2024

On January 30th, Junior High students embarked on their annual Ski Trip to Blue Mountain, an eagerly anticipated event filled with skiing, lessons, and group bonding....
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Heschel's Got Talent

January 11, 2024

Deya and Amy, Heschel’s student leaders, introduced the inaugural ‘Heschel’s Got Talent’ show on the final day before winter break. Explore the details of this new...
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Grade 8 Shabbaton

December 19, 2023

At the beginning of the month, Grade 8 students had an amazing experience participating in their Shabbaton. This two-day trip brought students together as they explored...
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Chanukkah Festival of the Arts — Student Speech

December 15, 2023

During this year’s annual Chanukkah Festival of the Arts, two of our Grade 8 students took the stage to share reflections on their transformative journey at...
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The Grade 6 Eco-Judaism Trip

September 19, 2023

This blog was written by Grade 6 students LD and BS. At 8:00 am last Tuesday, we loaded our bags on the bus and we started...
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JH Orientation

September 14, 2023

Last Tuesday the JH came together for the annual JH Orientation. Students had the opportunity to meet the new teachers in the morning assembly. After morning...
Student Scene

Limud Tefillah

June 21, 2023

This post was written by A.G. in Grade 6 In Limud Tefillah we’ve been learning about the Amidah and its brachot. To end this unit we...