Message from Head of School

At Heschel, we are proud to integrate a deep love for Jewish learning with the highest academic standards. Our inclusive pluralistic community invites Jewish families with diverse perspectives to join in a respectful learning community. Our cutting-edge integrated curriculum is based on research and development of best educational practices. We nurture the habits of heart, soul, body and mind that enable children to flourish academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Our team of passionate, highly qualified teachers see themselves as on-going learners and reflective practitioners. We strive to deepen our understanding of how children learn best so that we can design the optimum learning experiences for each child.

Together with our teachers, our families are our most valued partners in achieving the best education for children. Families play a tremendous role in shaping and upholding the inclusive, nurturing, and positive culture of our school. The values of our parent body provide the context for our educational approach to succeed.

Greg Beiles, Head of School