At the beginning of the month, Grade 8 students had an amazing experience participating in their Shabbaton. This two-day trip brought students together as they explored nature, deepening their connection with both the outdoors and their Jewish identities. The Shabbaton offered a valuable opportunity for the class to learn more about Shabbat rituals and customs collectively, fostering a growing appreciation for the significance of the weekly day of rest.

The following blog was written by Grade 8 students, Hilah and Arielle.

The Shabaton was an incredible experience for the grade 8 students. After we arrived at the cabins, the Shabbat fun began. We experienced how to keep Shabbat by participating in planned activities by our amazing teachers and shinshinim. 

Friday evening, we welcomed Shabbat with a warm Kabbalat Shabbat service followed by a delicious Shabbat dinner.

On Saturday we participated in a beautiful Shabbat morning Tefillah service followed by an inspiring Torah service where each student had a role. Later that morning, we went on a hike at Blue Mountain with Morot Stacie and Emily. When we returned to the cabins we competed in challenges created by our shinshinim, and played endless rounds of games as a collective grade. To conclude our Shabbaton, we took part in a Havdalah service.

We all  loved this special time together and created new bonds with each other.

Thank you to Morim Alan, Stacie, Emilly and our Shinshinim, Yahli and Shaked for a memorable Shabbaton.