Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Thank you for exploring The Toronto Heschel School for your child(ren).

We are dedicated to the education of the whole child and committed to delivering academic excellence above expectation and within the framework of the Heschel value system.

To achieve our educational objectives, we must maintain the quality of the school’s vital elements: outstanding teachers and staff, continuous training, curriculum development, and a physical environment that is conducive to learning. A large percentage of tuition revenue is allocated toward these costs. To determine the tuition fee for the 2024-25 school year, we considered the projected enrollment and overall operating costs. The school continuously monitors costs to ensure that the tuition fee for the upcoming school year is kept to a reasonable amount.

The tuition fees for 2024-25 are as follows:

GradeFull TuitionTuition after 52.75%
CWELCC rebate*
Tax Refund (45%)
Out-of-Pocket Tuition Cost
(tuition minus tax refund)
Preschool Half-Day$8,500$4,016N/A; See note$4,016
Preschool Full-Day$13,650$6,450N/A; See note$6,450
Junior Kindergarten$16,795$7,936$3,571$4,365
Senior Kindergarten$18,895$8,928$4,018$4,910
Grades 1 to 8$21,450n/a$8,977$12,473

* As a licensed child care provider, Heschel is participating in the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (“CWELCC”) system. The tuition fees for our Early Years program (Preschool, JK and SK) will be reduced by the prevailing CWELCC child care reduction rate (the “CWELCC Rate”). The CWELCC Rate is currently set at 52.75% and is subject to change at any time. Parents/guardians will be responsible for the full payment of any portion of the tuition fees that is not reduced by the CWELCC Rate, even if the CWELCC Rate were to change during the academic year.

Please note that the Early Years fees have been frozen since the 2022-23 school year, in line with CWELCC regulations. The School reserves the right to raise or lower the tuition costs of Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten to the extent permitted under CWELCC at any time. Should CWELCC permit a tuition increase mid-year, Heschel Early Years tuition will be modestly increased in line with the guidelines in order to cover our increased costs. At least 30 days’ notice will be provided by the school to parents/guardians in advance of any tuition increase. You will be permitted to terminate your enrollment agreements without financial penalties should you not agree to the change in tuition.

Charitable Tax Receipts for Tuition

A charitable receipt for tuition payments for JK through Grade 8 will be issued for the maximum permissible amount per regulations of Canada Revenue Agency. For the past few years, this amount has averaged between 85% and 100% of the tuition payments (based on full fee payments), which brings the after-tax cost of tuition down significantly.

The example below is for a full-paying family and may vary depending on individual circumstances.

Example: Calculation of After-Tax Cost of Tuition (based on 2024-25 Gr 1-8 fees)

Tuition Paid:$21,450
Net amount for donation receipt (based on average over past few years):$19,949
Approximate tax liability savings when applying tuition receipt (may vary according to individuals’ circumstances):$8,977
After-tax cost of tuition:$12,473
After-tax cost of tuition as percentage of tuition paid:      58%

Please note:

Other School Fees

Activity and Materials Fee:

A one-time Activity and Materials Fee for the academic year is charged annually for each student in JK through Grade 8 to cover the costs of all class trips (transportation, admission, and special materials), special programs and workshops, student agendas, kisuim, and photocopying / printing, and assist to offset the cost of the yearbook. This fee excludes the Grades 6 – 8 year-end trips that are priced closer to the event.

Activity Fees for 2024-25 will be levied on September 1, 2024, as follows:

JK, SK, Gr 1$265
Grades 2 to 5$295
Grades 6 to 8$350

Building Administration Fee:

Gym Uniforms:

Tuition Scholarships

(Applicable for JK – Grade 8, in conjunction with UJA)

We recognize that for some families our tuition may be difficult to manage, and as such, we continue to offer a tuition scholarship program which ensures that the maximum amount of financial support possible is offered to those families who require it. This tuition scholarship program considers adjusted family income in determining the tuition fee payable. Please visit to learn more and use the Scholarship Calculator to see if you qualify.

For further information on our tuition scholarship program, please contact Mark Abramsohn at All inquiries are held in the strictest of confidence.

Thank you for your interest in our school. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding enrollment or the admission process, please do not hesitate to contact Bailey Daniels, Director of Admissions & Marketing, at