We had to start from scratch and determine whether or not the moon revolved around the earth. It was this idea of starting at zero and building things back up even if they’ve already been figured out… The only way to do what I do is to renounce what’s already known and to think for myself. I learned how to do that from Heschel.

— Jamie Wolfond, Class of 2005, B.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design, Entrepreneur

What I learned at Heschel is foundational; it runs in me like the operating system of a computer. You can’t see it but it’s there.

— Jason Stein, Class of 2003, B.A. McGill, M.Sc.Bus. Edinburgh, Entrepreneur

How you learn determines how you think.

When we are immersed in an integrated curriculum, we learn to make connections.

When we practice the scientific method, we learn to make new discoveries.

When we learn through the arts, we learn to observe closely, imagine possibilities, and take creative risks.

When we study Jewish texts in chevruta, we learn to find relevance in the wisdom of ancient tradition, and to respect diverse views.

Heschel’s approach to teaching and learning is comprised of the following components:
(1) integrated curriculum
(2) teaching in the disciplines
(3) teaching through the arts
(4) active participation