The Toronto Heschel School combines a deep love for Jewish learning with the highest academic standards within an inclusive, pluralistic community. Our unique integrated curriculum is based on research and ongoing development of the best educational practices. Our way of teaching is designed to nurture the habits of heart, soul, body and mind that enable children to flourish academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our team of passionate, highly qualified teachers attend to each child’s holistic learning experience. Together with our teachers, our families are our most valued partners in achieving the best education for children.

Rabbi A.J. Heschel famously wrote that, “Wonder, not doubt, is the beginning of knowledge.” Thank you for exploring the journey of wonder here at The Toronto Heschel School.


The Toronto Heschel School was founded in 1996 by experienced and specialized educators who chose Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel as the religious and philosophical inspiration of the school, to impart to students a spirit of awe, thanksgiving and wonder. Our Jewish Day School opened its doors in September 1996 with 52 students, from JK to Grade 3, in the educational wing of Beth David Synagogue in Toronto. In 1999, The Toronto Heschel School expanded its Junior High Program at the Adath Israel Synagogue Building. In 2006, the school proudly moved to its current home and amalgamated the two campuses into one 45,000 square foot building, located on 6.2 acres of green space. Now in its 25th year, The Toronto Heschel School has expanded to over 300 students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.


That every Heschel graduate is empowered with the academic and social skills, the curiosity, creativity, confidence, passion and diligence to achieve excellence in all they pursue, and that they improve our world with compassion, integrity, and a deep understanding of Jewish studies and values.


To engage and excite every student with expert, inspired and, passionate teachers committed to teaching for understanding and mastery by every student.

To deliver a curriculum of academic excellence in General studies integrated with Judaic studies that provide a deep understanding of Jewish history, texts and the Hebrew language.

To safeguard a school community where values of integrity, respect, mutual support, environmental protection/stewardship, and social justice, are role modeled by us and expected of all.

To remain an interdenominational, egalitarian religious Jewish Day School, drawing from a wide range of Jewish observance. The school respects each family’s choices regarding Jewish observance in the home. The laws of Shabbat and Kashrut are observed in the school.