Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Executive Summary

After 25 years of foundation, thoughtful expansion and growth, the school is well-established as a community leader, and recognized for its inspiring integrated approach to educating Jewish children.

At this point in the school’s life and evolution, and to ensure the future continues to be filled with success, The Toronto Heschel School has undertaken a strategic planning process – a process to take stock of successes and strengths, identify challenges and areas for continued attention, and provide a path forward that ensures Heschel remains a vibrant educational option in the Toronto Jewish Community.

Over the past year and a half, the school has engaged all parts of the Heschel community to feed into the strategic plan – parents and educators, community leaders and donors, alumni and Board members – and developed a robust blueprint to guide us over the next 5 years.

Taking the school’s vision and mission as foundational, our strategic plan identifies 5 priorities:
Advancing our integrated curriculum, continuing teacher development, support for our leadership team
Supporting all learners with particular emphasis on child study and supporting differentiated learners
Including the physical building and integration of technology
Enrolment and growth, affordability
Continuing to foster the Heschel community, community engagement
To support progress in the 5 priorities, the following enablers of success will also be advanced:

It is actions in these priority areas that will build up the school – and guide both the Board’s work moving forward and the work of the school’s administration and senior leadership. We will monitor progress towards our priorities and report back to the school community throughout the life of the strategic plan.

This approach will evolve over time – responding to changing needs and new priorities. It is through our collective strength that we will make progress towards its objectives and continue to build Toronto Heschel as a school. To that end, we invite those of you who wish to provide continued advice and input into this approach, and those of you who are looking to expand your involvement in the school’s continued success, to reach out to