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Children learn best when their teachers are also active learners. Therefore, teachers and administrators at The Toronto Heschel School attend an annual summer workshop and ongoing professional development provided by the Lola Stein Institute for Leadership in Education, the publishing and teacher training arm of our school.

The school’s Teaching Excellence Fund enables teachers to attend workshops, courses and seminars to learn the best practices in their profession. Each homeroom teacher in the elementary school works jointly in General and Judaic studies. In addition to their professional qualifications, all teachers have skills and talents in either drama, music, dance or visual arts. Teachers in the Junior High have skills in particular subjects and also work in an interdisciplinary manner.

2022-23 Heschel Staff

FirstLastPositionEmail Address
AidenOrzechGrade 4
AnatYannaiGrade 2
AndreaZechariaDirector of Early
AndiSpringGrade 6
AyalaLev AriGrade 7 & 8
BaileyDanielsDirector of Admissions &
DanaCohenGrade 8 Civilization & Language
DaphneHelfandGrade 7 & 8
DaynaWhiteFrench Grade 8 Child
EdnaSharetDirector of Junior
ElianaSmallGrade 3
EllenOstofskyDirector of Development and Community
EmilyYoungDerekh Eretz & Tikkun
FabianeKrajcerOffice & LHIN
GalitBabitskyGrade 2
GregAustinFacilities &
GregBeilesHead of
HeidiFriedmanDirector of Child
JaimieCarsonMarketing and Communications
KelliFreedmanGrade 1
KatiSzabo KovariSK
LirazMillerGrade 7
LizMelamedPermanent Suply
MalkaReganGrade 4 Deqalim HR Teacher, Grade 4 Child Study and Director of Social Emotional
MargotBychutskyGrade 6 Civilization &
MarissaUnruhGrade 6 & 7 Child Study and Dance
MarkAbramsohnDirector of Business
MayaLazovskiGrade 1
MichelleMcGowenEarly Years Reading
NechamaDrookmanGrade 4, 5 & 6
OrlyBorovitchGrade 3 Ivrit, Grade 4 Judaic Arts and 7
OrlySalamonGrade 4-6
PaulFreedbergGrade 5
RachelyTalGrade 3
SamaraKupfermanPermanent Suply
SariHersonGrade 2
SefiChassidGrade 4-6
ShimonNewmanGrade 5 Child Study & Grade 5 Hadar
YardenBourlasGrade 8
YoninaFigdorGrade 3


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