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Children learn best when their teachers are also active learners. Therefore, teachers and administrators at The Toronto Heschel School attend an annual summer workshop and ongoing professional development provided by the Lola Stein Institute for Leadership in Education, the publishing and teacher training arm of our school.

The school’s Teaching Excellence Fund enables teachers to attend workshops, courses and seminars to learn the best practices in their profession. Each homeroom teacher in the elementary school works jointly in General and Judaic studies. In addition to their professional qualifications, all teachers have skills and talents in either drama, music, dance or visual arts. Teachers in the Junior High have skills in particular subjects and also work in an interdisciplinary manner.

2019-20 Heschel Staff

First Last Position Email Address
Aiden Orzech Student Services
Amir Gershon Junior High Judaics
Anat Yannai Elementary Judaics
Betty Lazebnik Music
Caity Lehman Junior High
Claire Merbaum Director Child Study for Grades 3-8
Child Study Consultant
Dan Goldberg Grade 6
Dana Cohen-Ezer Junior High
Danya Mintz Grade 3
David Rouimy Physical Education
Dayna White French
Edna Sharet Director, Elementary and Junior High
Elinor Barak Early Years
Eric Cohen Junior High Judaics
Fabiane Kracjer Junior High
Fernanda Danek Early Years
Galit Babitsky Grade 2
Greg Austin Facilities & IT
Greg Beiles Head of School
Heidi Friedman Director, Early Years/Primary and Child Study
Hillel Kurlandsky Grade 3
Isaac Hollander Judaics
Jaimie Carson Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Jenny Braverman Early Years, Kids Club and Gym Uniforms
Johanna Busch Grade 5
Josh Winestock Music
Judith Leitner Visual Arts, Co-Founder
Kathy Schwartz Junior Kindergarten
Kati Kovari Junior Kindergarten
Lea Amouyal Main Office
Lesley Cohen Junior High
Libby Vainshtein Grade 1
Liran Levy Grade 4
Lisa Rendely Grade 7
Bailey Daniels Director of Admissions
Malka Regan Director of Social Emotional Learning and Master Teacher
Marissa Unruh Junior High
Marisa Reby Development Coordinator
Mark Abramsohn Director of Business Operations
Maya Lazovski Senior Kindergarten
Mika Gang Grade 3
Nechama Drookman Judaics
Okcana Dubov Accounting
Orly Borovitch Grade 4
Orly Salamon Grade 3 Judaics
Pazit Geva Junior Kindergarten
Rachely Tal Grade 1 Judaics
Rena Cohen Early Years
Sari Herson Grade 1
Sari Ripstein Grade 2
Shimon Newman Grade 5
Shachar Leven Judaics
Vivi Ramu Junior Kindergarten
Yanna Chaplik-Siyanov Grade 6
Yarden Bourlas Grade 8



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