What we need more than anything else is not textbooks, but text people. It is the personality of the teacher which is the text that the pupils read: the text that they will never forget.
— Abraham Joshua Heschel

Our teachers are dedicated, curious, life-long learners. Their aim is to nurture our students’ positive dispositions for thinking, working, and inter-personal development by helping them develop a solid understanding of the world around them using a multi-sensory approach. They are role models for the diversity of Jewish expression and living that we honour at the school.

Children learn best when their teachers are also active learners. Therefore, teachers and administrators at The Toronto Heschel School attend an annual summer workshop and ongoing professional development provided by the Lola Stein Institute for Leadership in Education, the publishing and teacher training arm of our school.

The school’s Teaching Excellence Fund enables teachers to attend workshops, courses and seminars to learn the best practices in their profession. Each homeroom teacher in the elementary school works jointly in General and Judaic studies. In addition to their professional qualifications, all teachers have skills and talents in either drama, music, dance or visual arts. Teachers in the Junior High have skills in particular subjects and also work in an interdisciplinary manner.

Early Years

Ayelet Erez

SK Hebrew

Elinor Barak

JK Hebrew

Hannah Orriell


Hayley Pollak

SK Homeroom

Kati Kovari

JK Homeroom

Rena Cohen

JK Homeroom (Maternity Leave)

Suely Mester


staff image placeholder

Tammy Rumanek

Permanent Supply, Early Years


Aiden Orzech

Elementary Teacher

Anat Yannai

Grade 2 Judaics

Galit Babitsky

Grade 2 Homeroom

Kelli Freedman

Grade 1 Homeroom (Maternity Leave)

Malka Regan

Grade 4 Homeroom

Maya Lazovski

Grade 1 Judaics

Morah Yonina

Grade 3 Homeroom (Maternity Leave)

Nechama Drookman

Grade 5 Judaics

Orly Borovitch

Grade 3 Homeroom

Orly Salamon

Grade 4 Judaics

Rachely Tal

Grade 3 Judaics

Sari Herson

Grade 1 Homeroom

Shira Macmull

Grade 1 Homeroom

Junior High

Andi Spring

Grade 6 Homeroom

staff image placeholder

Aviv Evenstein

Grade 8 Homeroom

Ayala Lev Ari

Grades 7/8 Ivrit & Chumash

Chen Tannenbaum

Junior High Hebrew and Judaics

Danielle Shachar

Grade 8 Homeroom

staff image placeholder

Emily Young

Grade 7 Homeroom and Derekh Eretz & Tikkun Coordinator

Hamutal Goren

Grades 7 and 8 Hebrew and Judaics

Margot Bychutsky

Grade 6 Homeroom

Sefi Chassid

Grades 6 and 7 Hebrew and Judaics

staff image placeholder

Yaniv Sover

JH Hebrew and Judaics

Art, Music, Language, Phys Ed

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David Rouimy

Physical Education, Grades 3-8

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Doris Morris

French, Grades 2-6

Eldan Cohen

Music, PS - Grade 4

Fernanda Danek

Preschool Judaics and Physical Education, PS-Grade 2

Garry Smolyansky

Student Support Coordinator, Grades 4-8

staff image placeholder

Isabelle Bangambiki

French, Grades 7 and 8

Jenny Braverman

Permanent Supply Teacher, Kids’ Club, and Gym Uniforms

Josh Winestock

Music, Junior High

Samara Kupferman

Visual Art, JK and SK and Supply Teacher

Sarah Lodge

Visual Art, Grades 1-7

staff image placeholder

Stacie Goldin

Environmental Coordinator & Program Developer

staff image placeholder

Tzvia Eisenberg

Student Support Coordinator, Grades 1-3