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Judaism is a way of thinking, not just a way of living
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Supporting Innovation & Excellence in Jewish Education

For thousands of years Judaism and the Jewish people have contributed valuably to the world. Judaism is more than just a people, a culture and a faith. Judaism is a source of inspiration, values, and thought.

At The Toronto Heschel School we have created a school that teaches Judaism as a way of thinking. A way of thinking that sharpens minds, expands horizons of knowledge, and opens eyes to the miracle and wonder of existence. A way of thinking that drives away complacency and awakens commitment, responsibility and care. A way of thinking that nurtures just leaders and engaged citizens. At The Toronto Heschel School, Judaism is the compass that guides how our children think about their community, Israel, and the world.

The world is sustained by the breath of school children.
— Maimonides

Our children are our future. Our children are our legacy as a people. Our children carry the riches of Jewish thought to the next generation. Nothing is more important for the future of the Jewish people than Jewish education. Without Jewish education, our children are deprived of the inheritance of their heritage. At the Toronto Heschel School, children are empowered to draw on the deep resources of Judaism to strengthen their sense of self and to become the Jewish and global leaders of tomorrow.

The Toronto Heschel School is renowned for its cutting edge curriculum and teaching. We strongly believe that Jewish Learning is both a science and an art. We leverage research from Harvard University in Multiple-Intelligences and Integrated Education to make learning engaging, effective, and enduring. Our passionate Jewish educators dedicate themselves to helping children become intelligent, Jewish menches. We teach our children how to be Jewish thinkers and how to think jewishly.

As The Toronto Heschel School enters into its third decade, our vision is to join with partners who recognize that Jewish education is the key to insuring the vitality of Jewish life and Jewish thought. We invite you to support a centre of excellence for Jewish Learning to help the next generation of Jewish children flourish.

Jewish learning is an art, nurtures mind and soul and heart

כְשֶׁאֲנִי לְעַצְמִי, מָה אֲנִי? אִם לֹא עַכְשָׁיו, אֵימָתַי?

If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?

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