Deya and Amy, Heschel’s student leaders, introduced the inaugural ‘Heschel’s Got Talent’ show on the final day before winter break. Explore the details of this new student initiative and its outcome.

The following blog was written by Grade 8 student, Ezra P.

Picture this, it is the last day of school before the start of winter break and the feeling of excitement is buzzing through the halls. But before teachers put on their “out of office” email replies and the students check out of school-mode and check into vacation-mode, it was the perfect opportunity to have some fun and show school spirit. This is exactly what our Student Council Prime Minister and Sgan Prime Minister, Deya and Amy did! These soon to be Heschel graduates planned the first ever “Heschel’s Got Talent” show. This spirit filled afternoon began with 4 different fun filled rotations that were planned by a different Student Council committee. After the rotations, the main event began.

The show opened with musical acts. Zachary S played the guitar and Jacob, Akiva and Noam performed the song “Eye of the Tiger ”, followed by additional unique acts such as Liel and Elijah hula hooping, Jonah M and Ezra boxing and Noam F performing magic. The show closed with Jonah V singing the Beatles song “Here Comes the Sun”.

It was a successful and spirited afternoon for everyone and it was the ultimate way to end learning for 2023.

A special thank you to Deya and Amy for planning this event, as well as the Tarbut committee for making the decorations. Another shout out to Morot Margot and Edna for helping with logistics and supporting the students.

Watch some behind the scenes moments of the event through Ezra’s vlog below.