Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the school hours?

    The school day starts at 8:30 am for all students and finishes at varying times based on the grade.

    The detailed information is as follows:

    Monday – ThursdayLong FridayShort Friday
    Start8:30 am8:30 am8:30 am
    Dismissal3:45 pm4:00 pm4:15 pm3:45 pm2:45 pm
  • Does the school offer before and after school care and after school programs?

    Yes. For an additional cost, our Kids’ Club is available from 7:45 to 8:30 am and from 3:45 to 6:00 pm on regular school days and varies during holidays and early Shabbat dismissal. We also offer a variety of afterschool programs involving the arts, sports, computers, and environmental studies.

  • Does the school offer bus service?

    Yes. We offer subsidized door-to-door transportation to and from Heschel through SevenKids Transportation Services. The school facilitates and subsidizes the service; however, policy agreements are made between each family and SevenKids Transportation Services.

  • What is the school’s Kashrut policy?

    The school abides by the laws of Kashrut. All school functions are strictly Kosher. Food brought to school for school-related events must be dairy-based or pareve and catered by or purchased from a business with recognized Kashrut agency supervision. Lunches brought to school must be pareve or dairy. In order that all children feel comfortable at all times, we respectfully request that parents be sensitive to dietary needs and Kashrut at private celebrations such as birthday parties.

  • Does the School have an allergy policy?


    The Toronto Heschel School has a NO NUTS policy. All foods that contain nuts/peanuts products (or their bi-products) are strictly prohibited on school property at any time. This includes foods with warning labels such as ‘may contain traces of nuts/peanuts’ or ‘has been produced using equipment that comes in contact with nuts/peanuts’, or a similar phrase.

  • Why should we send our child to Heschel?

    Parents want to give their children the best possible learning environment to begin their formal education, which is what our school offers. Our students benefit from outstanding teachers, and an award-winning Integrated Curriculum that is attentive to students’ individual needs. We integrate our subjects into thematic units; as a result, our students develop a comprehensive understanding of the world around them, and cultivate the skills needed to thrive in diverse environments. In addition, our educational approach and school culture appreciate and affirm differences in Jewish philosophy, and value the range of religious practices among students.

  • Is The Toronto Heschel School affiliated with any synagogues or movements?


    The Toronto Heschel School is not affiliated with any synagogue or movement. Since being founded in 1996, The Toronto Heschel School has always been inclusive of all Jewish backgrounds and practices. The School provides a curriculum and school environment that benefits children from the entire Jewish community. The school respects each family’s choices regarding religious observance in the home.

  • Are all teachers at The Toronto Heschel School certified?


    Our teachers are either certified teachers who are graduates from a Canadian University or equivalent, or their credentials are evaluated and confirmed by the Centre for Jewish Education. The Teacher Excellence Fund provides professional development opportunities and ensures that our teachers continue to grow as lifelong learners.