גיוון תרבותי

At The Toronto Heschel School, we teach our students to appreciate the diversity of people, thoughts, ideas, and cultures in the world. We guide our students to integral Jewish sources and texts that demonstrate respect for diversity as part of God’s creation. We believe that a strong Jewish identity includes an informed respect for others and what we can learn from each other.

The Toronto Heschel School creates innovative cross-curricular units of study that connect Jewish sources and experiences with the stories and experiences of others, including:

  • Shared Stories of Children Around the World (Grade 2)
  • Learning from Difference: First Nations-New Canadians (Grade 3 & 8)
  • Diversity in the City Data Management Curriculum (Grade 8)
  • A.J. Heschel-Martin Luther King Jr. Tikkun Olam Week
  • Re-tracing the Footsteps of Benjamin of Tudela: Jewish Communities Around the World (Grade 7)
  • Each One Different from from the Other: Diversity and Community in Jewish Sources (Grade 8)