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School Life

Fall 2023 Chuggim: After School Activities

August 10, 2023

We are pleased to announce our NEW Fall 2023 Extracurricular Programs.  This year families will be signing up directly with our third-party providers.   Please note: If your child...
School Life

A picture-perfect End-of-Year Picnic

June 22, 2023

The entire Heschel community gathered last night at the annual Family Picnic which draws the school year just about to a close.  A laid-back and casual affair...
School Life

J Rikudiyah 2023: a ton of fun for everyone!

March 30, 2023

After a few years off due to the pandemic, the J Rikudiyah was back celebrating its 50th anniversary on Sunday, March 26. This festival, presented at the Schweitz/Reisman...
School Life

Grade 2 Field Trip to the Textile Museum of Canada

December 12, 2022

On Wednesday, December 7, Grade 2 students visited the Textile Museum of Canada to see the “Double Vision” exhibition featuring textiles, prints, and drawings by an...
School Life

2022/23 Student Council

November 18, 2022

Our names are Liyad and Rebecca. We are the newly elected Ministers of Tikshoret (Communications).  After making the decision to run for a Student Council Minister,...
School Life

Reusable Sporks

November 17, 2022

The Toronto Heschel School Environment Committee is excited to announce the upcoming sale of reusable sporks. As students of a Platinum Level Eco-School, we are committed to caring...
School Life

Heschel teacher wins the 2022 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize!

November 1, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Morah Lisa Sheps has been selected as winner of the 2022 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize.
School Life

The Tarbut Times: Our Chanukkah Project

December 2, 2021

In this new regular column, members of Tarbut will be providing us with a glimpse into Student Council activities. Thanks to Ella for this first update....
School Life

Student Scene: Grade 6 Build a Sukkah Project

November 26, 2021

Our Student Scene column explores Heschel through the eyes of our students. This peek at school happenings comes from Grade 6 students, who show us their...