2. Support for All Learners

Child Study

Child study will ensure best practices in positive classroom management, healthy social emotional experience and enrichment and support when necessary. Child study is important to all students— not just those who need extra support – as a means to foster a healthy community of engaged, curious and successful learners.

Short Term (1-2 years)

  • Assess, and clarify the purpose, structure, and functional model of child study at Heschel
    • Clarify existing protocols and practices (through meetings among school leaders and Child Study Specialists)
    • Solicit input from families
    • Examine models used at other institutions
    • Determine Child Study priorities and correlating funding needs
  • Develop an ‘Enhanced Child Study Plan’ and a parent communication plan for a child study model for 2018-2019

Medium Term (3-5 years)

  • Assess funding and resource needs associated with enhanced child study plan, including identification of new supports and innovative funding approaches to implement the plan
  • Begin implementation of enhanced child study plan, with goal to support students, teachers and parents for optimal learning

Long Term (5+ years)

  • Continually review, monitor and reassess the child study program
  • Assess long-term sustainability of the newly developed child study program