Strategic Enablers: Actions to Facilitate Ongoing Improvement


Short Term

  • Roll-out revamped Heschel website
  • Review and improve weekly communications between school and community, including newsletter enhancements and other communication methods
  • Consider additional needs and tools for communication between administration and staff
  • Develop social media plan with focus on outreach to new families, updates to current families on school events and successes, and the promotion of Heschel education to the broader community

Medium/Long Term

  • Integrate the improved communications approach into marketing/branding plan
  • Identify new mechanisms for input from the various Heschel subgroups – teachers to parents, teachers to students, parents to teachers/administration, etc.
  • Consider utility of online platforms to improve communications (e.g., Edsby, Google Classroom)
  • Continue to recognize and enhance THINK* magazine, given its importance to current parents, prospective parents and donors
    • Continue collaboration with THINK to provide content, use the content to promote the school, and utilize THINK in new ways to communicate the school ethos.

* THINK engages in conversations about children, education and ethics; it clarifies the theory and practice that underpin the school’s philosophy and curriculum; it reflects the passion and wisdom of teachers, experts and parents with respect to Rav AJ Heschel and integrated Jewish education and it challenges readers to consider the underlying goals and long term benefits of a Toronto Heschel education.