4. Financial Sustainability

Enrolment and Growth, Affordability

In order to ensure a strong school for years to come, Heschel will put concerted effort into balancing enrollment growth with affordability. We will use current strengths to ensure long term financial strength and attend responsibly to lowering financial barriers to a Heschel education.

Our goals are to:

  • Continue to provide an excellent innovative integrated Jewish education
  • Retain and hire excellent educators and support them with advanced professional development and fair competitive remuneration

Short/Medium Term

  • Enrolling two full classes per grade (20 students per class)
  • Fundraising to ensure:
    1. Continued enhancement of our innovative, integrated education
    2. Support for the retention and development of educators
    3. Lowering of tuition barriers
  • Creating a tuition model that makes Heschel education affordable to all

Long Term

  • Develop the school’s brand in such a way as to strengthen loyalty among our students, parents and alumni, and secure steady enrolment and a broad/deep donor base.
  • Further explore different tuition and subsidy models
  • Prioritize school initiatives to support enrolment and fundraising

The school senior leadership and Board will regularly review this priority area to ensure goals are being met, and to ensure the school is positioned to enhance its financial sustainability.