Strategic Enablers: Actions to Facilitate Ongoing Improvement


Short/Medium Term

  • Mainstream fundraising:
    • Obtain 100% parent family participation in fundraising campaigns
    • Increase the number of gifts from current grandparent families
    • Increase the number of staff gifts
  • Seek new fundraising participants, including major gifts:
    • Make in-roads into alumni and alumni parents
    • Cultivate major gifts
  • Broader fundraising campaign:
    • Maintain the Heschelian approach throughout the campaign
    • Hold another successful golf tournament, and identify exciting new ways to expand the campaign
  • Continue robust stewardship
  • Enhance fundraising linkages to Board activities

Long Term

  • Continue the annual campaign for parents with full participation as the goal
  • Continue cultivation of alumni with events and campaign to engage them as supporters and donors
  • Create engagement opportunities for Grandparents and Alumni Families so that they see Heschel as one of their top giving priorities
  • Create a major gift campaign that reaches parents, grandparents, alumni and community members who deeply believe in and have the capacity to generously support the school
  • Continue robust stewardship plan