Looking Forward

Commitment to the priorities as identified is a key feature in the successful implementation of a strategic plan. This includes finding the resources needed to support the goals, as well as dedication to ongoing monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the plan’s activation. As such, the following recommendations serve these ends:

  1. Resourcing and prioritization:
    • The school’s senior leadership and Board will review the identified priorities at the start of each school year with a view to ensure relevance
    • As part of the school budget, the school’s senior leadership will identify adequate resources to support actions to be undertaken in the priority areas, and, where resources are not sufficient, the Board will discuss (i) ways to enhance resources, and (ii) reprioritization
  2. Reporting/monitoring:
    • The Board will ensure that its committee work aligns with identified priorities and actions and, throughout the year, the committees will report on progress – particularly towards tangible actions
    • The Board will consider regularizing surveys of the school parent body and broader community with a view to increase input, and gauge how well the school, senior leadership and Board are addressing emerging needs
    • The Head of School will communicate mid-year on progress towards identified actions for the priority areas to the broader school community
    • The Board, at year-end, will report to the parent body on results achieved during the year in meeting the strategic planning priorities and actions
  3. Evaluation:
    • The school will the priorities as identified the priorities as identified review of the identified priorities and actions every 3 years, and a comprehensive evaluation after 5 years