Strategic Enablers: Actions to Facilitate Ongoing Improvement

Marketing & Branding

Recently, the Board’s Marketing and Branding Committee conducted brand focus groups to help clarify how to position the school. The Committee then embarked on a website redesign to bring the new positioning to life.

The goal of the website is twofold:

  1. To attract new prospects through visual storytelling techniques; and
  2. To allow current parents and families to interact efficiently with the school (e.g., forms, payments, etc.)

The website allows users to move around the site seamlessly and have a positive experience on the site.

Moving forward, the following goals will enable further prioritization of our marketing/branding approach

Short Term

  • Develop a robust marketing plan for the school with a dedicated marketing budget and in alignment with school plans for communications, fundraising, etc.
  • Hold focus groups for Heschel branding and messaging
  • Apply consistent messaging to Heschel communications and social media platforms
  • Plan for a prospect acquisition campaign to bring the new positioning to life (print, digital and social)
  • Drive traffic to Heschel marketing vehicles
  • Continue to build on new website – including enhancing mobile experience

Medium Term

  • Further activate Heschel’s marketing plan
  • Develop additional tactics to bolster branding
  • Address leveraging education and Jewish blogs as marketing tools for the school