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March 19, 2021
Message from Moreh Greg

Dear Heschel Families, As we prepare for Pesach we are reminded of the verse in the Haggadah: “In each generation, a person is obligated to see themselves as having personally gone out of Mitzrayim.”  Mitzrayim is the name of Ancient Egypt – but it also means “narrow places” – from the word ‘tzar’ which we may recognize …

October 30, 2020
Message from Moreh Greg

Join Moreh Greg and Gigi Hagamal as they explore the Jewish journey of Sarai and Avram in Parshat לך לך — Lekh Lekhah.  Click the image above.

October 16, 2020
Message from Moreh Greg

This week we begin reading the Torah again, from the beginning.  Parshat Bereishit teaches us about the Creative process:  When the world was being created it was תהו ובהו (tohu vavohu) –  full of unorganized energy and potential;  it was dark and unfathomable – חושך על פני תהום (choshech al pnei tehom).  Before God spoke …

October 08, 2020
Message from Moreh Greg

All this week we have been observing חול המועד סוכות the intermediary days of Sukkot.  We have fulfilled the mitzvah of לישב בסוכה (Leishev Basukkah) — to dwell in the sukkah; and נטילת לולב  (Netilat Lulav) — waving the lulav.  Tomorrow is הושאעה רבה (Hoshanah Rabbah) – the culminating day of Sukkot where traditionally we …

May 15, 2020
Message from Moreh Greg

It is one thing to struggle, it is another to struggle alone.  This week we read the parshah Behar.  Our middah is, “Help others feel respected.”  The middah is derived from a verse that states: “If your fellow person falters, or their strength is diminished with you, you must bolster this person — both stranger and resident — …

February 10, 2020
Grade Seven Visitors from Eilat

Last week, Grade 7 students from Eilat were in Toronto to take part in a robotics competition. They visited several different Jewish Day schools throughout Toronto, including Heschel. Our Grade 7 students and the Eilat students spent some time getting to know each other by participating in icebreaker activities, after which, they delved into more serious …

February 05, 2020
Grade 3 Paper Making Workshop

Last week, the Grade 3 students enjoyed a visit from Orna Shazar, a fibre artist, who ran a workshop about paper making. We explored how paper making is inspired by nature and had an opportunity to look at an old wasps nest. Students learned how different materials can be used to make paper and they …

November 20, 2019
Movember is Here

November, or Movember, is finally here! תרבות has been on our toes, since our weekly meetings started, in preparation for next week! The baking sub-committee has been whipping up many batches of mustache-shaped cookies to sell, and the posters sub-committee has been filling the halls with colourful posters. For those of you who don’t know, …

November 11, 2019
Winter PJ Plus Shabbat Class

Registration is now open for the Winter PJ Plus Shabbat Class! Location: The Toronto Heschel School Address: 819 Sheppard Ave. W., North York Fee: $112 Day: Fridays Dates: 01/10/2020 – 05/08/2020 (No class on February 14, March 20, April 10 & 17) Time: 10:45 -11:45am Please click the link below to register! https://srcentre.ca/fam…/pj-plus-18-months-3-years-2019.html

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