Heschel’s 3rd annual Chanukkah Deep Fried Pickle Party on December 10, 2023, was an absolute hit, drawing nearly 100 Heschel families and friends together for an afternoon of festive fun. Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, the event showcased the simple joys of good company, engaging activities, and, of course, the crispy delight of deep-fried pickles!

The party featured a creative spark with kids participating in Chanukkah-themed arts and crafts, constructing their very own miniature Lego Chanukkiot, and trying their luck at dreidel games. The air was filled with the upbeat tunes of Chanukkah music, setting the perfect backdrop for the festivities. Outside, the smell of the deep fryer added an element of anticipation and warmth to the gathering as attendees indulged in a variety of deep-fried treats, including the crowd-pleasing deep-fried cheese pizza!

As we bid farewell to this year’s Chanukkah celebrations, let’s carry the warmth of these memories forward. Thank you to each smiling face that contributed to the success of this year’s event!

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