In our SK class, students have recently embarked on an intriguing exploration of self-expression and emotion through art. Inspired by the theme, “פרחים ופרפרים” (Flowers and Butterflies) and guided by the generative topic, “הנשמה מתחזקת עם כל מצווה” (Jewish practices and learning give strength to our neshama), they have delved into the fascinating world of self-portraiture.

With pencils in hand and mirrors in front of them, students honed their observation skills, carefully studying their own facial features. Choosing an emotion that they wanted to express through their self portrait, students used their knowledge on how to express emotion through facial features.

Through playful drawings, they captured the intricacies of their own appearance, exploring the connection between their inner selves and outward expressions.

In the ceramics room, students continued their exploration of facial features and emotions by extending their learning into the realm of three-dimensional art. Embarking on a new phase of the project, students used clay as their medium to further investigate self-portraiture.

Guided by the techniques of portraiture and the inspiration of Vincent van Gogh, they moulded clay to convey not only their physical likeness but also the depth of their emotions.

Essential questions guided their exploration: How can we reflect what we look like through drawing? How can we draw what we see? How can we express our inner and outer selves? These questions encouraged students to reflect on their own identities and the myriad ways they can be represented.

The culmination of this journey was a vibrant showcase of self-portraits, each one a unique reflection of its creator’s personality and emotions. Through their art, our young students not only honed their creative skills but also gained a deeper understanding of themselves and their peers.

In our SK art class, creativity is a colourful adventure where students explore their imaginations and learn about themselves along the way. Through their artwork, they not only develop their skills but also discover new ways to express who they are. From pencil sketches to clay sculptures, each project is a chance for our young artists to show off their talents and share a little piece of themselves with the world.

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