Given the popularity of Heschel’s Shorashim Preschool, I wanted to take a moment to inform parents of the school’s policies around Preschool and higher grade admissions.

PRESCHOOL | 2025-2026

Heschel school families and staff members have priority admission to Preschool (and any other grade) if they apply at least 12 months prior to the school year to which they are applying. As such, if you are interested in having your child attend preschool here in the 2025-2026 school year, you should apply by the end of August 2024 to maintain this priority access.
Kindly note that applying more than 12 months in advance does not guarantee a spot in Heschel’s Preschool, as spots are limited. Students who are already enrolled in Heschel’s Preschool and are continuing on in Preschool the following year are enrolled under Continuous Enrollment and have top priority for the spots. The remaining spots are limited and there may not be enough space for all school families who wish to enroll a preschool-aged child.
If you are interested in applying for Preschool 2025-2026, please complete an application at your earliest convenience, all the way to the point where you are asked for payment, and that will get you onto the “waitlist.” You do not need to pay the application fee to get onto the waitlist (where all applicants for that school year currently sit). You will be notified in September 2024 of your child’s status in the class.

PRESCHOOL | 2024-2025

There are a couple of spaces available for the 2024-2025 school year for children who will be aged 30 months or older this September. As we are just five months away from the next school year, admission is now open to all.  If you or a friend are interested in enrolling a student, these spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please complete the application (click on “Add a new student” in the Enrollment Portal), pay the $500 application fee, and upload the supporting documents that are requested.

There is a waitlist for children who will be aged 18-30 months in September. To get onto the waitlist for this fall, please follow the same process listed above for 2025-2026 but choose the appropriate school year.

JK – GRADE 8 | 2025-2026

If you are interested in applying for JK or any other grade for 2025-2026, the same priority policies for school families will apply, but given that there are a greater number of spots available, you should proceed with paying the application fee and uploading the requested supporting documents.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 416-635-1876 x.334 or if you have any application or enrollment questions for this fall or beyond!

Bailey Daniels
Director of Admissions & Marketing