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January 16, 2019
Rabbi Benjamin Levy’s article about The Toronto Heschel School’s integrated curriculum

“Now more than ever, we need to reframe the way we learn and live […] I believe that integration is one of the key techniques and The Toronto Heschel School is an exemplary institution that is leading the way.” We were delighted to come across this recent article by Rabbi Benjamin Levy about The Toronto Heschel School and our …

December 14, 2018
A Heschel Parent’s Response to our Chanukkah Festival of the Arts

“A Heschel Parent’s Response to our Chanukkah Festival of the Arts” by Ava Kwinter. How did you feel during the concert? I always feel a roller coaster of emotions during the Chanukkah concert: I’m excited for my kids and proud of them; I’m amazed every year by the beauty of the music and their voices; …

May 17, 2018
Thank you, Joanna

For the past four years, Joanna Shapiro has served as Co-Chair of Heschel’s Board of Directors. As she nears the end of this record-breaking term, we would like to thank Joanna for her outstanding leadership. Joanna delivered a moving Dvar Torah at this week’s Board Meeting, which can be read here.

May 08, 2018
Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 2

On Day 2 of Teacher Appreciation Week, our amazing parent volunteers (with babies in tow) delivered delicious popcorn to each member of our POP!ular staff. Thank you to Pure for your generous popcorn donation!

May 08, 2018
Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 1

Yesterday, Heschel families kicked off Teacher Appreciation Week! To celebrate our exceptionally devoted, passionate and talented staff, students and parents will be bringing in surprises every day this week. Stay tuned for more tokens of appreciation!

March 13, 2018
Sparks of Change – A Parent’s Perspective

Alaa Abu Raya and Danielle Fenster, two of the 8 teens who came to Toronto as part of the Sparks of Change program, stayed in my home throughout last week.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some feedback on the experience in general and on their experience at Heschel in particular. With …

October 31, 2017
Jeff Weissberger’s Inspiring Dvar Torah

Thank you to Jeff Weissberger for delivering an inspiring Dvar Torah at our last Board Meeting, which we would like to share with the Heschel Community.  The Parsha Lech Lecha is rich with narratives that are the cornerstone of Judaism: Abraham leaving his homeland to the land promised to him by God, Abraham and Lot splitting the …