Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of cultural exchange and connection? We are thrilled to announce that applications are now open to become a Host Family for the UJA ShinShinim program in 2024-2025, and we would be honored to have you join!

Why should you consider hosting a UJA ShinShin?

Community Building: Forge lasting connections and friendships that transcend borders and enrich your community.

The UJA ShinShinim program offers a unique opportunity to open your hearts and homes to Israeli youth seeking to contribute to our community through a year of service and volunteer work. As a Host Family, you’ll play an integral role in shaping their experience by providing a safe and homey environment for these remarkable individuals.

Cultural Exchange: Experience the joy of learning about Israel’s vibrant culture and traditions directly from the UJA ShinShinim.

Throughout the program, you’ll have the chance to share your traditions and values with them while learning firsthand about Israel’s rich culture. By fostering meaningful connections and friendships, you’ll not only enrich the lives of the UJA ShinShinim but also contribute to greater understanding and global unity.

This is a chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young Israeli leaders.

To learn more about the UJA ShinShinim program, the requirements, process of becoming a Host Family, and/ or to submit your application, please visit the UJA website. We encourage you to apply early to secure your spot in this incredible program.

If hosting this year is not an option for you, but you’re still interested in being considered for future opportunities or becoming a reserve family, please let us know! Your interest in participating in future programs is invaluable to us, and you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming opportunities to host a UJA ShinShin in the years to come.

For further questions please contact our school’s UJA ShinShinim Lay Leader, Lauren Grundland or email Stefanie Zaarur, UJA ShinShinim Program Manager at

Thank you for considering taking part in this life-changing experience.

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