The novel study plays are an exceptional demonstration of our learning in our Generative Topic, מספרים סיפורים ללמד מסרים (We tell stories to teach values). The plays are brought together through imagination, hard work, and dedication.

The unit began with our students reading, analyzing, and discussing the hilarious novel, Jacob Two–Two Meets the Hooded Fang by Canadian-Jewish author, Mordecai Richler. While reading the novel, students made connections between the settings in the novel and real Canadian landmarks. They also engaged in different creative writing activities, writing from the perspective of the different characters in the novel. They wrote character sketches, identified key character traits, and paid attention to the relationships between the characters.

Next, students studied the rules of script writing and worked in chaveruta to adapt the novel’s plot into play format. They utilized the writing process to revise and edit their scripts. They rehearsed in class and at home, working on their dramatic interpretations, and developing their Kol Shofar (voice projection and annunciation). 

Students created beautiful backdrops in art and integrated their Spirit of Canada music learning into their performance. Their fantastic effort was presented to the Heschel community this week! Yashar Koach to the Grade Four students!

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