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October 11, 2017
שלום ש”ש

Grade 2 students visited the Heschel Sukkah today. Using our senses vocabulary, we described how we smell, taste, touch and see the hadas, arava, lulav and etrog. We all recited the bracha on netilat lulav and took turns shaking the lulav. Chag Sameach, Uri and Maya

October 03, 2017
שלום ש”ש

This week in grade 7, we learned about Benjamin Zeev (Theodor) Herzl. We hosted Herzl in the sukkah, as the first guest of seven Ushpizin. We gathered as the first Zionist Congress to determine what will be the flag, the נס (symbol) of the Jewish State to come. We talked about different flags and their meanings, and also the reasons …

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