This term, I have the privilege of being part of our Heschel Yoga Minyan led by Morah Marissa. We have practiced basic sequences and poses and progress every week. I have taken advantage of this time to let go of stress that has built up earlier in the week. It is a perfect time to focus on yourself while still being part of the Heschel community. As we focus on our breathing, balance, and flexibility, I think of the many ways that I can use these new skills that I am learning throughout my days at school to help me stay calm and energized. I am so excited to move forward in this minyan and discover new ways that I can implement it into my daily life! The students at Heschel are very fortunate to be rotating through different arts based minyanim throughout the year. They include Meditation, Yoga, Music and Visual Arts minyanim.

Written by Lily A.