This post was written by Grade 6 students Amanda, Julian and A.

The Grade 6 students presented their year-long learning of Shmuel Aleph this week. The performance included original scripts, music and dances.

Script Writing: 

During the writing process, we learned about what Shmuel and other characters accomplished. We included our own modern version of the script, with the effort to make new scenes. With dances, music and acting, we connected with each other and listened to teachers to compose Shmuel. With hard work, dedication, and the mindset to succeed, we were able to make this Shmuel Aleph truly a memorable experience. We are really excited for Shmuel Bet next year.  


After reading each part of the book of Shmuel we would write a script. After a couple of months, we started writing the songs. We were put into groups and told what section we had to write a verse on. After the songs and scripts were done, we started doing run-throughs and memorizing our lines. We spent three days with nothing but rehearsal. The lights were on us and we each had our individual moments to shine. The days were long and we would have given up if not for wanting to give our audience a great show. After the third day, we were ready for our show. We went home and came back fired up!


After 3 long days of rehearsing, the product was ready for the stage. Nerves were high but the final product was impeccable. After every scene finished, the students felt a new sense of accomplishment and were even prouder of their work. The crowd’s energy fueled them, pushed them even harder, and made them perform with such heart and emotion that people were pulled deeper into the story. At the end of the performance, the class was overjoyed for having finished something so much effort was put into. This is an experience that they will not soon forget, and will follow them for years to come.

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