This Monday, November 13th, our school community came together in observance of Remembrance Day. While the official Remembrance Day fell on Saturday, November 11th, we extended our commemoration to Monday, allowing students the opportunity to reflect on and value the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers and veterans to make our lives possible today. 

Throughout the day, students participated in a unique and enriching learning experience. The focus was on poetry, with activities tailored to each grade level that connected with their grade-focused poetic devices. This poetry-based approach aimed to deepen students’ understanding of Remembrance Day in a meaningful and thoughtful way. 

Following the poetic exploration, students engaged in a short artistic activity, involving the creation and decoration of postcards. These postcards served as a canvas for students to express their gratitude for the dedicated service of Canadian soldiers. What makes this initiative truly special is that these heartfelt postcards will be sent to active duty Canadian soldiers, carrying messages of appreciation and goodwill. 

This Remembrance Day was more than a historical lesson; it was an opportunity for students to actively participate in honoring and thanking those who have made significant sacrifices for our country. The blend of poetry, creativity, and genuine gratitude created a memorable and touching tribute at our school.

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