Nuit Blanche took place on Saturday, February 9. Many of the grade seven and eight students came to participate. It was a very fun-filled night, with many actives led by our school shinshinim. In addition to this, this year was the first year that we had other shinshinim from other schools that came to help out. Some of the activities we did were making chocolate cookie balls, doing an amazing scavenger hunt, and even having a piñata that was filled with delicious candy. Later in the night, we watched The Incredibles 2 in the gym while falling asleep. We had tons of yummy snacks during the night. We woke up the next morning to a delicious breakfast including french toast, croissants, bagels and more. We hope that next year many more students will choose to come and they will have as much fun as we had this year.

A big thank you to Yoav and Tzlil for organizing such a fun night!

The Israel Affairs Committee – ועד עינייני ישראל

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