This week’s parshah – Parshat Yitro – is named after Moshe’s father-in-law, the priest of Midian – Yitro.  In this parshah, Yitro says to Moshe, “Listen to my voice and I will advise you.”  Yitro advises Moshe to delegate adjudication of certain issues brought by the people so that he will not exhaust himself trying to resolve every case.  Our Middat Hashavua is: “Take advice from people that you trust.”   Parshat Yitro also contains one of the most important passages of the Torah – Aseret Hadibrot, usually translated as “The Ten Commandments.”  A better, more direct translation is “The Ten Sayings,”  (“diber” refers to speech). Moshe listens to the voice of Yitro and trusts his advice; we listen to God’s voice expressed through the “Ten Sayings” that advise us on the most important matters of living a good life.

This has been one of the most challenging years for me as Head of School.  Leading a school through COVID has involved many complexities and required me to make many decisions.  I am incredibly fortunate to have a team of people whom I trust to give me advice along the way.  My Leadership Team with whom I consult daily, Board Executive and Directors, the school COVID committee, members of the Learning Centre team, personal mentors, and all my colleagues at the school have all been there to support and help whenever needed.  I am incredibly grateful and humbled to have so much support.

 This week I want to thank all the ‘Yitros’ in my life for their wise words and guidance.  As well, the words of Torah and Jewish tradition remain an enduring source of wisdom and advice whenever I turn to them. 

May we all hear the voices of our trusted advisors, and may we let the words of Torah guide us as we wind our way through these challenging times.

Shabbat Shalom,

Moreh Greg


Mitzvah Day 2024