We would like to introduce you all to our two new Student Support Coordinators, Morah Tzvia Eisenberg and Moreh Garry Smolyansky!  We are very excited to welcome these new staff members who will be playing an integral part in our students’ education this year at The Toronto Heschel School.

Here is just a little background on Moreh Garry and Morah Tzvia:

Moreh Garry Smolyansky – Moreh Garry joins our team as the full time Student Support Coordinator for Grades 4 – 8. Moreh Garry is returning to Heschel where he taught briefly as a replacement teacher several years ago. Since leaving Heschel, Moreh Garry has been working as a Special Education Resource Teacher & Professional Learning Consultant at the Toronto District School Board, and also as a Professional Learning Consultant at Discovery Education Canada. Moreh Garry has also worked as a Professor in the English and Liberal Studies department at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. Moreh Garry is currently completing his Master of Social Work Degree.

Morah Tzvia Eisenberg – Morah Tzvia will be our new part time School Support Coordinator in Grades 1 – 3. Morah Tzvia will be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and all day Thursday. Morah Tzvia is an accomplished educator with years of experience in the field. She has her Master’s Degree in Special Education and a great deal of involvement implementing multiple instructional strategies. She has practiced in both the classroom and small group settings and has been engaged in observations of students in various settings to make instructional recommendations. Morah Tzvia has her Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Level I Certification, and she is a Learning Propensity Assessment (LPAD-P) Licensed Assessor for Primary School Age children. Morah Tzvia has her Early Literacy Certificate and has participated in numerous Mediated Learning Workshops.

Both Morah Tzvia and Moreh Garry will be working and collaborating with our classroom teachers and parents to help meet the learning needs for all of our students. Additionally, Morah Tzvia and Moreh Garry will be working in partnership with Morah Emily, our School Well-Being Coordinator, and Morah Michelle, our Early Literacy Specialist, to help round out our Student Support Team.

Finally, both Morah Tzvia and Moreh Garry will be working with members from our Leadership Team, namely, Morah Heidi and Morah Edna, to help guide and support our students’ learning experiences here at The Toronto Heschel School.

If you’d like to reach out to our new Student Support Coordinators, you can contact them directly at teisenberg@torontoheschel.org or gsmolyansky@torontoheschel.org

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