As leaders of the Jewish community, we need your help to shine a light on the city’s homelessness crisis and share in our community’s response to it.

October 10 is World Homelessness Day. On this night, to raise awareness and demonstrate to people facing poverty and homelessness in our city that we care, the CN Tower will stand alight with Ve’ahavta‘s colours. 

These colours represent the commitment of our community – through Ve’ahavta’s life-saving mobile outreach vans – to our neighbours sleeping on the streets. 

We need your help!

To demonstrate the Jewish community’s commitment to Tikkun Olam, we need to utilize the reach of our partners to ask your network to get involved. We are requesting the following help:  Send an email or add an article to your newsletter, letting community members know about ‘Light Up the Night’.Post about ‘Light Up the Night’ on your organization’s social media channels.On October 10, swap out your organization’s profile picture with a special downloadable social sticker.
You can get everything you need by clicking the button below:


We know you care, that much is clear, now let’s make sure everyone knows it!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out.

Ruth Hart 
Community Partnerships Coordinator