This blog was written by Grade 8 students Deya S. and Lior K.

On Tuesday September 19th the Grade 8 students participated in a dance workshop led by Dustin Pym. The students experimented with communicating emotions through our movements. Dustin led with a warm up, touching on all styles of dance, then moved on to teaching us how to tell a story through our actions. In preparation for the dance we will perform at the Chanukah Festival of The Arts, Dustin helped us bring our creativity to our own “Libi Bamizrach” pieces based on Yehudah Halevi’s famous poem.

Throughout the workshop we got a good understanding of the fundamentals of dance. How to perform a dance that really touches others. Dustin led us to connect on a personal level to the meaning of “ליבי במזרח ואנכי בסוף מערב – My Heart is in the East and I am in the West”. He showed us how capable our bodies are of expressing emotion, and how we can connect our movements to our personal experiences. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Dustin and open our hearts, and think outside of the box. 

We look forward to being able to share our well thought out pieces of dance with you all in December.

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