The Middat HaShavuah, taken from this week’s Torah portion, Parshat VaYakhel, instructs us to approach our work with care. The verse reads as follows:

לְקׇרְבָ֥ה אֶל־הַמְּלָאכָ֖ה לַעֲשֹׂ֥ת אֹתָֽהּ׃… 

…to come unto the work to do it (Exodus 26:2) 

This week’s Torah portion, Parshat VaYakhel, begins by reminding us of the importance of Shabbat as the day of rest. The rest of this Torah portion focuses on the building of the Mishkan. As such, it also reminds us that we must approach our work with care, just as Betzalel and Oholiav did when building the Mishkan.

So what is the connection between these two ideas in our Torah portion: resting on Shabbat and approaching our work with care?

The Torah emphasises the importance of balancing work with rest and rejuvenation. The concept of Shabbat, as we see in the beginning of our Torah portion, underscores the need for periodic rest from labour and the recognition that productivity should not come at the expense of well-being.

Finding the right work-life balance is important for maintaining our overall well-being, maximising productivity, and sustaining long-term success. It allows individuals to avoid burnout, replenish their energy, and maintain focus and effectiveness in their endeavours. Additionally, achieving a healthy balance ensures that individuals have time for personal fulfilment, relationships, and other aspects of life beyond work, contributing to a sense of meaning and happiness.

We need to always approach our work with care; but we also need to approach ourselves with care! Thank G-d for Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom U’Mevorach,

Moreh Alan