This post was contributed by Grade 7 student Amanda H.

Many of Toronto’s Jewish Day Schools performed together at the JCC’s Rikudiyah Festival on April 7, 2024

I’m in grade 7 and joined Rikudiyah this year, and it was so much fun! My experience was so enjoyable that I want to do it again next year. People are always smiling and laughing in rehearsals and it’s contagious. It makes the whole experience much more fulfilling.

I do dance at a studio and don’t learn about Israeli folk dancing. In Rikudiyah, I get that education and get to learn new moves and songs that I don’t learn about at a regular dance class. In the morning before school we listen to Israeli music and I am able to follow and dance along because of Rikudiyah! 

On the day of the performance, you could tell that there was something going on, the parking lot was packed and I had a smile to think how nice it is that all of these people are coming to watch Rikudiyah. There was music playing while everyone was getting situated and that was the best time for group photos and accessories. When we went on and started dancing I knew it was okay if I made a mistake because we would laugh and move on. The whole time I was at Rikudiyah I was smiling and laughing.