Our Grade 4 students recently embarked on an engaging project that combined art, nature, and values-based learning. Their generative topic, “מספרים סיפורים ללמד מסרים “We Tell Stories to Teach Values,” took them to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, where they explored the concept of En Plein Air painting, which means “in the open air.”

During their visit, the students toured the gallery and studied the works of the Group of Seven and indigenous artists. They learned how these artists captured the natural beauty of Canada and the meticulous process behind their creations. This provided our students with a deeper understanding of how art can convey powerful stories and values.

Following the gallery tour, the students moved outside to the McMichael Gallery’s beautiful grounds. Immersed in the natural surroundings, they began their own En Plein Air paintings. Using watercolour pencils on canvas, they sketched the scenes around them and then used water to bring their sketches to life with vibrant colours and fluid textures.

This hands-on experience was not just an art lesson but a valuable exercise in observation, patience, and connecting with the environment. Through their artwork, students learned to appreciate and express the values they observed in nature, such as serenity and resilience.

The En Plein Air project allowed our Grade 4 students to explore how stories and values can be expressed through art. Their paintings are not just pictures; they are narratives that reflect what they learned and experienced during their visit.

We are proud of our students and their creations, which are now displayed in the main hallway of our school near Moreh Greg’s office. These artworks are a testament to their learning journey and the values they have captured through art. We invite everyone to come and see these beautiful pieces that showcase our students’ talent and the meaningful stories they tell.

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