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Meaningful Mathematics
Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas.
Albert Einstein

Centre for Excellence in Meaningful Mathematics

At the Toronto Heschel School we know that mathematics is more than performing computations. Mathematics is a way of expressing reality in simple, elegant terms. The astute mathematician is a logical thinker, who considers how to solve problems in the most efficient way. Mathematics teaches flexible thinking, and creative problem solving. We teach students to appreciate mathematics as lens through which to see the world; seeing the big picture of why math matters, motivates them to learn the skills, strategies, and perspectives to be confident mathematicians.

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding.
— W.P. Thurston

The Centre for Excellence in Meaningful Mathematics supports our teachers with on-going professional development, mentorship and opportunities to work collaboratively to create, implement, and enhance our unique approach to teaching math. The work of the Centre ensures the highest standard of skill development through thought-provoking, project based-learning The Centre supports the creation of innovative integrated math programs including:

  • Strategy Based Approach to Mathematics
  • Number Based Systems Around the World
  • Eco-Seder Data Management Program
  • Architecture of a Sukkah
  • Eco-Seder Data Management Program
  • Talmudic Clock
  • and more…
The power of mathematics is to change one thing into another; to change geometry into language.
— Marcus Du Satouy

At the Toronto Heschel School, we employ a teaching our understanding approach to math. This means going far beyond merely memorizing computations or equations. Throughout their years at Heschel, students learn how and why math works; they learn that there is more than one way to strategy to solve a problem; and, they discover the most efficient, elegant solutions to mathematical problems. Learning math this way enhances their abilities as in math, but also strengthens their broader cognitive abilities.


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