On October 7, 2023, Israel suffered the largest scale attack against Jewish civilians since the Holocaust.

At The Toronto Heschel School, we stand firmly in support of Israel and Israel’s right to exist. We condemn and stand firmly against all forms of hatred directed at not only the Jewish people, but towards any people.

In times such as this, our core values of derekh eretz, tikkun, and chesed are the foundation upon which our community rests. As a community, we have come together to support each other; to welcome those who have found safe haven here; to work together to put our students first and ensure that our school continues to be a kehilla kedosha, and a place of learning.

For thousands of years, the Jewish people have stood united and strong. Together we will endure in our support for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel


The Toronto Heschel School (Preschool – Grade 8) is an interdenominational Jewish day school that provides an academically innovative, integrated curriculum in a warm, nurturing environment. The school’s inclusive community is made up of families and faculty from diverse backgrounds.

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