On-Line Learning Practices and Code of Conduct

On-Line Learning Practices 

  • Teachers look forward to seeing your children on-line, and students are expected to participate in live-stream classes.  If your child will be absent please email absences@torontoheschel.org.
  • Students should try to find a location conducive to effective learning (e.g. in a quiet location, at a designated desk rather than on the couch, etc…).  We recommend that gym classes (and other classes, where possible) be done outside.
  • Parents are asked to encourage their children to be as independent as possible during their learning.  Once your child is set up, we ask that parents refrain from participating in the live-stream classes.

On-Line Conduct 

  • Students must abide by the School’s on-line and computer use code of conduct for all Heschel@Home learning activities.  Students must not share any Heschel@Home assignments or links with anyone other than classmates or teachers.
  • Students are expected to abide by the general provisions of the school’s Derekh Eretz Code of Conduct to ensure a calm, respectful learning environment.
    • Students should be dressed appropriately for school, following the school’s dress code guidelines.
    • Students may not change their on-line identity or name at any time.

    • Students should not eat during live-streamed classes.

  • Breaches of the Derekh Eretz Code or on-line code of conduct may result in the removal of a student from an on-line class.  Persistent breaches may result in the loss of on-line learning privileges.

On-Line Learning Practices and Code of Conduct