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September 27, 2019
Message From Moreh Greg

Parshat Nitzavim, the final parshah read before Rosh Hashanah, is a quintessential Heschel parshah.  It begins with a statement of inclusivity by describing all those who were present to hear Moshe’s final words: the women and the men, the elders and the children, the tribal leaders and those who gathered wood and water; all those present and …

May 28, 2019
Junior High is Making Fundraising FUN

The Communications committee, a part of the student council dedicated to making the Heschel Yearbook, has been working diligently throughout the year to ensure that our 2018-2019 yearbook is the best it can be. Remarkable student leaders along with staff and committee members have spent their time and effort to create and personalize this phenomenal …

May 08, 2019
Holocaust  Memorial – יום השואה

Last week, the grade eight class lead a commemoration in honour of the six million Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust. The sad and poignant ceremony was attended by students in grades 5 to 7 as well as parents and friends in our community. After the ceremony, grade 8 students presented their memorials of …

March 27, 2019
Junior High Debate Tournament

On March 12, the Junior High Debate  Team competed in the Jewish Day School Debate Tournament. This was the first year debating in front of a crowd for us.  We really did not know what to expect and ended up having a fun time.  We learned many useful skills that helped us with practice debates …

December 12, 2018
Junior High Soccer Tournament

Last Tuesday the JH girls and boys played in the Soccer Tournament at the Hangar. It was a full day event which ended very well. The boys made it to the playoffs, and the girls made it to the semifinals. The boys got sixth place, and the girls tied for third. All of the Jewish …

November 12, 2018
Junior High Student Council

Junior High Student Elections The Student Council elections took place last week. Heschel offers various student run committees to help our school in different ways. The committees are separated into two categories; the social committees, and the activist committees. The social committees are תרבות (Spirit), תקשורת (Communications) and ספורט (Sports). The activist committees are איכות …

Grade 7, 8, 6
April 20, 2018
Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut Vlog

The Tikshoreth committee interviews Junior High students about yesterday’s Yom Hazikaron Commemoration and Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration.  

March 02, 2018
Purim Vlog

The Tikshoreth committee interviews Junior High students about yesterday’s Purim activities.  In Junior High, students connected the characters from the Purim story to different leadership styles and the attitude each leader displays towards giving tzedakah to the homeless.  

January 16, 2018
Meditation Minyan

When we first walk into the Meditation Minyan, we take off our shoes, put on a tallit, and sit quietly in a circle.  As we are walking in, we listen to quiet, calming music and watch a candle flicker in the centre of the circle while the lights are turned off.  We begin by taking …

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