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March 16, 2018
Sparks of Change – A Student’s Perspective

This past Friday the Grade 8 class was able to take part in the program, Sparks of Change. This program includes 4 Arab Israelis and 4 Jewish Israelis. They were paired together and came to Toronto to educate people. They came to our class to lead a program about their lives in Israel and what it means …

March 02, 2018
Purim Vlog

The Tikshoreth committee interviews Junior High students about yesterday’s Purim activities.  In Junior High, students connected the characters from the Purim story to different leadership styles and the attitude each leader displays towards giving tzedakah to the homeless.  

January 16, 2018
Meditation Minyan

When we first walk into the Meditation Minyan, we take off our shoes, put on a tallit, and sit quietly in a circle.  As we are walking in, we listen to quiet, calming music and watch a candle flicker in the centre of the circle while the lights are turned off.  We begin by taking …

November 15, 2017
Poetry Festival

Being open to new experiences, solving problems, and exercising our imagination are all ways of thinking flexibly that we teach our children at The Toronto Heschel School. Nowhere in our school is this more evident than in our Poetry curriculum which culminated yesterday with our school-wide Poetry Festival. Poetry is the place where we learn …

Grade 6, 7, 8
September 11, 2017
Junior High Orientation – A Student’s Perspective By Zachary R.

This year’s Junior High (JH) orientation was so much fun. On the first day, instead of the teachers explaining the rules of the Junior High, they performed skits that explained derekh eretz and why it is important at Heschel.

Grade 6
June 26, 2017
The Grade 6 Tikkun Olam Project

Each year in Civics class, the Junior High grades complete a Tikkun Olam project that is connected to our curriculum in some way. In grade 6, we decided to connect our Civics project to Science class.

Grade 8, 7
March 20, 2017
Pay it Forward Purim

On the evening of Wednesday, March 15, Grade Seven and Eight students went downtown after school to participate in Pay it Forward Purim. Pay it Forward Purim is an annual program where students from Grade Seven and Eight, along with their parents, go to give out gift bags (Matanot Le’evyonim) to Toronto’s homeless, in the …

November 03, 2016
Check out these tracks from the Heschel Junior High Choir!

Are you a fan of the Heschel Junior High Choir? The choir’s amazing arrangements and performances are now available for download below! Check out these six tracks, which were recorded and mixed at Toronto’s legendary Canterbury Music Company. This recording was supported by a generous donation from Jeff and Laya Weissberger and their family, in …

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