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December 02, 2021
The Tarbut Times: Our Chanukkah Project

In this new regular column, members of Tarbut will be providing us with a glimpse into Student Council activities. Thanks to Ella for this first update. This year, the Tarbut committee in grade 8 sold Chanukkah gift bags to raise money for Junior High events. Sammy, the head of Tarbut, and I, Ella, the vice …

October 29, 2021
Heschel FAQs: What is Middat Hashavuah?

Middat Hashavuah is an ethical practice that helps each of us—students and teachers alike—treat one another (and ourselves) with respect. The word “middah” literally means a “measure,” and students learn that the middot are a guide as to how we “measure up” ethically. Measuring ourselves involves self-reflection, self-understanding and practising how we interact respectfully and thoughtfully with others. We are able to measure ourselves through reflection on our …

September 17, 2021
What’s New with Heschel’s Hot Lunch Program?

As you have probably heard by now, Heschel’s Hot Lunch program is back for the 2021-22 school year! Heschel parents Janis Mussat and Lauren Black have taken on the roles of Lunch Program Co-Chairs and they are introducing some exciting changes for the program. We spoke with Janis and Lauren to learn more. What are …

February 07, 2020
Environment Week

This week was Environment Week at Heschel. What is Environment Week, you may ask? Good question. Environment week is an event planned by the Environment Committee to raise awareness for the environment, celebrate the upcoming holiday of Tu Bishvat, and do fun crafts and activities related to the environment. This week, we planted parsley in …

January 29, 2020
AJ Heschel and Martin Luther King Spirit Week

Last week, we celebrated Martin Luther King and Abraham Joshua Heschel week. The Tikkun Olam committee organized this special week of awareness. During this week we taught the students about who Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King were. We read the book “As Good As Anybody” by Richard Michelson to students in JK to …

December 06, 2019
JH Student Council News

December is always packed full of fun activities. This past week, all the שרים (Ministers), סגנים (Deputy Ministers) and the class representatives from JH got together for our first Executive meeting! So much was discussed, and Heschel Student Council has an awesome year planned for everyone! The Grade 8 class reps, Talia (Grade 8 Charuv) …

November 06, 2019
Covenant Award Winner!

Last night in New York City, our Head of School, Greg Beiles, was one of three recipients of the 2019 Covenant Award. Each year, The Covenant Foundation honours and celebrates three exceptional Jewish educators who have made an impact on Jewish life through innovative educational practices and models. The Covenant Foundation is a prestigious and internationally renowned organisation, and …

October 03, 2019
IDF Nachal Band at Heschel

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the IDF Nachal Band. Students and teachers danced and sang along to familiar Hebrew songs. We were also treated to an amazing rendition of We are the Champions as an ode to our beloved NBA champions, the Raptors.  

September 04, 2019
PJ Plus Shabbat Class

Looking for a Shabbat class for your little one this fall? Please join us at Heschel for a PJ Plus Shabbat Class, where children aged 18 months to 3 years and their parents, grandparents or caregivers participate in a fun and meaningful program with a specially designed curriculum based on PJ Library books! Fridays at …

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