This past Sunday was Zimriya, and the Junior High choir performed 2 songs: a mashup between Prachim Bakaneh (Flowers in the barrel) and Sunshine, and a mashup between Hakol Od Lefanai (Everything is still before me) and Brave. They sounded amazing!. The Elementary also performed two songs: Stand by Me and Or Gadol (Big light). They sounded just as good! Yasher Koakh to the choirs, good job!

On Tuesday, the JH girls basketball team will be playing against Leo Baeck South. This is their first game of the season, and we hope to see plenty of their peers supporting them. Good luck JH Girls!

The first CHAT Model UN training session was scheduled for this past Wednesday, but sadly was canceled due to the heavy snowstorm. A handful of students who were going to participate in this program were quite disappointed. Unfortunately we have not heard anything yet about when the program will resume, or if it’s being rescheduled, but teachers will be sure to let parents know as soon as they do.

Kataniya M.