The Heschel Gallery is a new Heschel Hive column that will appear at the end of every rotation throughout the year. It will feature students’ artwork with an explanation of the project by Morah Lisa for context. This will be a wonderful way to be able to appreciate the diversity and beauty of the students’ creations!

Over the past several weeks, Grade 1 students have been applying their understanding that “creations come together to make new creations” in the art room.

They have participated in several experiential art-making exercises, including making their own felt from raw wool (roving).

Students attached different colours of roving together by layering one on top of the other.

They encouraged the natural hooks and barbs to attach by rubbing them gently with soapy water.

The result is their own beautiful new creation!

Then, students used a miraculous product that comes from the earth—clay—to create a chanukkiyah.

They applied their understanding of patterning to sculpt a beautiful backdrop for the candles. The chanukkiyot will be ready for glazing next Tuesday and students will be able to bring their creations home in time for Chanukkah!

Purim Rotations