Grade 6 students Amy, Rebecca, and Lex share this week’s Student Scene at Heschel. They explain how gymnastics has helped them succeed after the challenges of online learning.

In Grade 6 Phys Ed, we are now learning gymnastics. We started off this year’s gymnastics unit reviewing the basic gymnastic skills we learned in Grades 3, 4 and 5, such as somersaults, headstands and handstands.

So far this year, we have further developed our gymnastics skills and learned dive rolls, straddle rolls, and “the coffee grinder.” After the challenging years of online school in Grades 4 and 5, Moreh David made it as easy as possible for us to succeed. We have really improved our skill sets from what we learned in prior years.

Our goal was to make a routine that combines all of the moves we have learned over the last four years. For example, we took the front roll and turned it into a dive roll, making it just a bit harder so that we can improve. Once we learned all the new moves, we created short routines with some of our favourite moves, which we will be presenting to our peers.

Every day, we look forward to advancing our gymnastics skills with Moreh David. Although everyone is at different levels, we all learn and advance together doing the best we can. This has been a wonderful experience thanks to Moreh David and our peers. We look forward to learning more in the upcoming years!

-Amy, Rebecca, and Lex