Two weeks ago the grade eight students had an opportunity to read to the Grade 1 students and do an art activity with them. At The Toronto Heschel School, we believe the connection between older and younger students is important. This is a fun way for younger students to make friendships with older ones and learn from them.

I remember when the Grade 8 students used to do activities with me when I was younger. These activities brought me so much joy then and still do today. I had always looked up to the Grade 8 students, and now I am being looked up to by these incredible younger students. During these times where we can’t physically be with one another, we can still make many memories and pass on our knowledge.

While reading to the Grade 1 students, I could tell they were having fun. They were so enthusiastic and excited to spend time with us. They used creativity during the art project and enjoyed themselves throughout the entire class. For me and my fellow Grade 8 students, this was a fun and enjoyable way to use our leadership skills. We have been so lucky to have the experience to teach and spend time with the younger grades.

Emma (Grade 8)