This year, the Tarbut committee has creatively and safely accomplished our goal of raising the ruach at Heschel. One of the ways we did this was through creating different Spirit Days. We had a week full of fun spirit days including Twins Day, Pajama Day, and Among Us Day.

Currently, we are planning Music Day where we are making playlists for each class based on the requests they submitted on a Google Form that we created. We did this because music brings people together. Each class will also have access to each playlist so they can explore different music genres and get a better sense of what other grades enjoy listening to. 

This year, we were faced with the challenge of transitioning to online learning and we worked hard to help raise school spirit while everyone was apart. One way we lifted spirit during online school was by joining each class’s Zoom and playing a Kahoot we created. This Kahoot involved many different topics to make sure everyone got a fair chance to win and people could learn about others’ interests. 

The Tarbut committee also created a spirit day to raise awareness of current issues we face, specifically bullying. This day is called Pink Day where everyone was encouraged to wear a pink item to support a boy who was bullied for wearing pink. We shared this story on posters for everyone to read and understand what this day was about. We also got everyone to write small uplifting messages to each other and we handed out pink treats.

We are always open to suggestions and we are so excited to continue planning fun spirit days with educational aspects for Junior High and work with the 7 Zericha Tarbut committee to cohesively think of new ways to add spirit to this challenging year. 

Peri, Neeve, and the Tarbut Committee